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Boost to CCB research programs

07 December 2016

The Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) has received a significant boost to its 2017 research program with 13 grants totalling around 9 million dollars. The high success rate was significantly higher than the nation’s average for applicants from universities and medical research institutes. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Australian Research Council (ARC) funding is highly competitive, but receiving it offers continuation of support for innovative ideas formulated here in SA.

‘This funding announcement is good news for our cancer researchers and demonstrates how well they are regarded in a national context. We are grateful to the NHMRC and the Federal Government for supporting medical research with this level of funding’ CCB Co-Director Prof Angel Lopez said.

Projects recognised

A total of eleven ‘new ideas’ projects received funding. The successful applicants included Professors Greg Goodall, Hamish Scott, Susan Branford, Stuart Pitson, Associate Professor Simon Conn, Dr Alex Staudacher, Dr Phil Gregory and CCB Co-Directors Prof Angel Lopez and Prof Sharad Kumar.

Prof Lopez highlighted grants given to Prof Scott to predict and prevent perinatal death and stillbirth, to Prof Goodall to tackle neuroblastoma, and to Dr Alex Staudacher to develop new drug conjugates to treat lung cancer. ‘These areas of research can alleviate suffering with more selective and potent drugs and also save money by providing more effective treatments’ he said.

Continuing support

Prof Kumar is particularly proud of the CCB receiving two coveted personal research awards. ‘The NHMRC Fellowships obtained by Prof Goodall and Prof Branford meant we received two out of the three fellowships awarded to South Australia in this round, which is a great result for them individually and also for the CCB’s profile in the work it is doing’ Prof Kumar said. ‘Federal funding to the states is critical because it means income for researchers, but also in our case is about continuing to develop scientific expertise in highly specialised areas of cancer research’.

Integration through partnership

SA Pathology Deputy Director Dr Janice Fletcher says ‘the integration of medical research in a diagnostic pathology setting is a very powerful mix for delivering health benefits to cancer patients. Working with the public health system means that CCB researchers have access to patients’ cancer tissue and blood samples for their studies, which is something many institutions can only hope for’.