Our Pathologists

SA Pathology is proud of our team of medically qualified pathologists, many of whom hold dual qualifications as both clinicians and pathologists.

As a tertiary referral centre, our pathologists are not only experts in diagnostic but are often specialist clinicians, teachers, researchers and academics. Many have conducted ground-breaking research, won numerous awards and published scientific articles in prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals.

While our academic qualifications are of the highest standard, it is our service to clinicians which sets us apart. We are a valued resource to the medical community and to public health, both within South Australia and beyond state and national borders.

By providing expert medical advice to doctors and specialists around the clock, we enable clinicians to instigate and maintain treatment regimens for their patients, especially in difficult client cases or presentations of disease.

Our pathologists offer expert advice:

  • with on-call assistance available by telephone - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • in clinical implications of test results and advice on appropriate tests to perform
  • on patient management in a state-wide network of hospitals and medical clinics

As a clinician, if you require advice from the most knowledgeable source in any discipline, you can call and speak directly to our consultant pathologists simply by searching this website, either by name, specific pathology directorate or field of medical specialty.

If you need help locating any of our pathologists, we have a Pathologist Search Tool or you can call us on 8222 3000.