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Pathologist Search

Our pathologists offer expert advice:

  • with on-call assistance available by telephone - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • in clinical implications of test results and advice on appropriate tests to perform
  • on patient management in a state-wide network of hospitals and medical clinics

As a clinician, you can locate and speak directly to our pathologists by searching this website via name, directorate or area of medical specialty. If you need assistance, call us on 8222 3000.

Banovic, Dr Tatjana 08 8222 3460 Immunology Frome Rd (ADEL)
Bastian, Dr Ivan 08 7074 1319 Mycobacterial infections Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Brennan, Dr Catriona 08 8204 7575 Anatomical pathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Carter, Associate Professor  Christopher D Frome Rd 08 8222 3616, FMC 08 8204 4415 Anatomical pathology, cytopathology Frome Rd (ADEL)
Chang, Dr Sean 08 7074 1296 Renal pathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Coates, Dr Penelope 08 8222 3391 Osteoporosis and bone metabolism Frome Rd (ADEL)
Coghlan, Dr Doug 08 8204 5798 Haematology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Cohen, Dr Penelope 08 7074 1297 Urologic pathology and cytopathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Cooper, Dr John 08 8222 6653 Nephropathology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Crawford, Dr Lucy 08 8222 3378 (RAH) General Microbiology, Mycology, HIV and Viral Hepatitis Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Dhatrak, Dr Deepak 08 7074 1305 Head and Neck Pathology, Haematolymphoid pathology Frome Rd (ADEL)
Dodd, Associate Professor Tom 08 8222 3913 Gynaecological and ophthalmic pathology Frome Rd (ADEL)
England, Dr Georgina 08 8204 4194 urologic and breast pathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Giri, Dr Pratyush 08 7074 2427 Lymphoproliferative disorders Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Gordon, Professor David L 08 8204 5293 Bone and joint infections, urinary infections, hepatitis C, vaccines Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Gordon, Professor Tom P 08 8204 4486 Systemic autoimmune disorders Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Gunawardane, Dr Dimuth FMC 08 8204 4975 Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Hahn, Dr Uwe 08 8222 6861 Haematology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Hissaria, Dr Pravin 08 8222 3489 Clinical immunology and immunopathology Frome Rd (ADEL)
Hiwase, Dr Devendra 08 7074 2636 Malignant haematology and stem cell transplantation Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Hughes, Professor Timothy P 08 7074 2634 Chronic leukaemias and myeloproliferative disorders Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Ibbetson, Dr Jan 08 7074 1178 Dermatopathology Frome Rd (ADEL)
Jolley, Dr Alex 08 8204 4194 Anatomical Pathology, Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Jorgensen, Dr Ruth 08 8222 6707 Anatomical pathology and cytopathology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Kasmeridis, Dr Harry 08 8222 6645 (TQEH) Anatomical pathology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Kearney, Dr Daniel 08 7074 1295 Anatomical pathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Klebe, Associate Professor Sonja 08 8204 3936 Ophthalmic pathology, pleuropulmonary pathology and molecular diagnosis Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Koszyca, Dr Barbara 08 7074 1300 Neuropathology, muscle and nerve biopsies Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Kuss, Associate Professor Bryone 08 8204 5442 Molecular medicine and genetics Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Lee, Dr Cindy Huey-Shin 08 7074 2628 Haematology, particularly malignant haematology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH),Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Lipsett, Dr Jill 08 8161 7026 Paediatric and perinatal pathology Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)
Lopez, Professor Angel F 08 8302 7916 Immunopathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Manton, Dr Nick 08 8161 7193 Paediatric tumour pathology; paediatric skeletal muscle pathology Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)
Moffat, Dr David 08 8204 4279 Histopathology and cytopathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Moore, Associate Professor Lynette 08 8161 7317 Paediatric, perinatal, placental and obstetric pathology Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)
Morrow, Dr Rebecca 7074 1314 Gynaepathology, head and neck pathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Nolan, Dr James 08 7074 1313 Renal biopsy pathology, lymphoma pathology Frome Rd (ADEL)
O’Loughlin, Professor Peter 08 8222 3028 Frome Rd (ADEL)
Osborn, Dr Michael 08 8161 7327 Haematological malignancies and stem cell transplantation Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)
Papanaoum, Dr Kelly 08 8204 4948 General microbiology and antimicrobial resistance, HIV and viral hepatitis Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Papanicolas, Dr Lito 822223671 Bacterial genomics, antibiotic resistance Frome Rd (ADEL)
Phillips, Dr Tessa 08 7074 1299 Dermatopathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Pierides, Dr John 08 8222 6706 Surgical pathology, cytology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Power, Dr Theresa 08822 23360 Gynaecological, Cutaneous, Breast, Paediatric and Perinatal pathology Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)
Qiao, Dr Ming 08 8182 9364 Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases Frome Rd (ADEL)
Quick, Dr Esther 8204 5724 Anatomical pathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Raymond, Dr Wendy 8204 6425 Cytopathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Revesz, Associate Professor Tamas 08 8161 7327 Paediatric haematology/oncology Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)
Ross, Associate Professor  David FMC 08 8204 5231, RAH 08 7074 2429 Myeloid malignancies Flinders Medical Centre (FMC),Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Ruszkiewicz, Associate Professor Andrew Frome Rd 08 7074 5177, LMH 08 8182 9281 Gastroenterology pathology Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH),Frome Rd (ADEL)
Saleem, Dr Mohamed 08 8222 3561 Therapeutic drug monitoring and clinical pharmacology Frome Rd (ADEL)
Saxon, Dr Sarah 08 7074 1303 Neuropathology, Gastrointestinal Pathology and Cardiac Pathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Sladden, Dr Nicole 08 7074 1175 Dermatopathology, lymphoma, breast and gynaecological pathology Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Swalling, Dr Adam 08 8222 6110 (TQEH) Breast and Gastrointestinal pathology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Tallis, Dr George A 08 8204 5679 Clinical Biochemistry and Endocrinology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Tapp, Dr Heather 08 8161 7016 Paediatric oncology/haematology and obstetric haematology Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)
Tran, Dr Yung 08 8222 6659 Renal pathology, cytology The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH)
Warner, Dr Morgyn S TQEH 08 8222 6622, Frome Rd 08 8222 3503 General microbiology and antimicrobial resistance, HIV, viral hepatitis Frome Rd (ADEL),Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Weldhagen, Dr Gerhard 08 8222 3166 Antimicrobial resistance, molecular diagnostics, mycology Frome Rd (ADEL)
Yang, Dr Cindy 08 8204 4194 Surgical Pathology, Diagnostic Histopathology and Cytopathology, Anatomical Pathology Flinders Medical Centre (FMC)
Yu, Dr Sui 08 8161 7139 Genetic pathology Womens and Childrens Hospital (WCH)