Receiving Patient Test Results


What is EDI?

The EDI result option involves secure client software being made available to practitioners, that allows for the automatic download of available results to be viewed and saved in the practitioner's clinical software (such as Medical Director, Best Practice, Genie or Zedmed)

Test results accessed in this manner can usually be viewed soon after finalisation from the laboratory.

How do I access EDI?

A one-time setup is required in order to establish your login details. To do this please register for an account below. You will then need to download and install the required software to your computer.

Sign up for your login

Download the software

To begin downloading SA Pathology EDI Software, please select from the operating systems below.

Windows Server Environment Multi-User Single-User Mac OSX Environment
rel-3-0-29-10 rel-1-0-2 rel-1-1-0 rel-2-0-3b
4.33MB 4.6MB 3MB 22MB
Suitable for Windows OS - Win 7 to Win 10, 2008 to 2019 Server.
Note: This version requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+
Download .NET Framework
Suitable for Windows 7 & Windows 10.
Uses Web Browser interface (Internet Explorer or Chrome)
All Windows 32/64 Bit.
Use this for a single user, local profile, Laptop/PC environment.
Suitable for Intel based Mac OSX Snow Leopard & above (10.6+)

Not suitable with macOS 10.15.4 (Catlina)
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