Food and Environmental Laboratory

For over fifty years, SA Pathology's Food and Environmental Laboratory has been South Australia's primary facility for independent testing for the SA Department of Health and to state-wide commercial industries and local businesses.

Our laboratory tests foods and beverages, waters, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products for a range of harmful bacteria including Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter and E.coli.

We check the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation procedures in commercial kitchens and food preparation areas by performing surface and equipment swabs and conducting tests, providing your business with critical health information, assuring customer safety and offering you peace of mind.

Air quality is important to business too, and we check the quality of air in your production environment or kitchen facilities. Our Legionella program includes testing of water samples from cooling water towers and hot water systems as required by current health legislation.

The Food and Environmental Laboratory performs microbiological testing promptly and provides fast turnaround times for clients, and we offer complete chemical analysis of a range of products in our laboratory, nationally accredited by NATA.

We work in partnership with government agencies, regulatory bodies, industry regulators and consultants to ensure business integrity and personal safety in the interests of public health.

To discuss your testing needs call SA Pathology’s Food and Environmental Laboratory on 8222 3363, or email directly to us at

Where to deliver samples

Please deliver samples directly to the laboratory Mon to Fri 8:30am – 5pm. 

Enter via Gate 6 on Frome Road and follow the road around as per the map below. We are halfway down the laneway, please ring the bell at the door

Car parking for 20 minutes is available for sample drop off.


Food Lab map





















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