Neuropathology and Ophthalmology Research

Neuropathology and Ophthalmology Research Laboratories

Neurovascular Research Laboratory

The Neurovascular Research Laboratory in interested in understanding the signalling pathway centred on VEGF and its Neuropilin receptors in neuronal development.

Name Dr Quenten Schwarz
Telephone +61 8 830 27834
Website Centre for Cancer Biology: Neurovascular Research Laboratory


Ophthalmic Research

The Ophthalmic Research Laboratories are staffed by world-leading scientists and headed by clinician scientist Professor Robert Casson. We conduct sight saving research with particular focus on glaucoma, retinal diseases, and strategies to bring our successful laboratory research to the clinic.

Name Prof Robert Casson
Telephone +61 8 831 37150
Website South Australian Institute of Ophthalmology, University of Adelaide