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The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Research Fund believes everyone deserves access to the best possible treatment and patient care. We strive to make this possible by raising funds for medical equipment, lifesaving medical and clinical research and enhanced patient services.

The RAH Research Fund supports researchers at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the RAH Research Institute, incorporating the Hanson Institute, SA Pathology and the Centre for Cancer Biology. Almost everyone has been touched by the impact of illness or injury either personally or through a friend or family member. Whether it is heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, dementia or any other medical complication, we all need expert care at some stage of our lives.

Funding Vital Research

Your donations fund medical research which enables our doctors, nurses and researchers to find faster diagnoses, better treatments and ultimately, cures for illness that affects our family and friends. The RAH Research Fund also funds state-of-the-art hospital equipment that enables researchers to make discoveries and be at the cutting edge of global life-saving medical research. To find out more about the research areas supported by the RAH Research Fund, visit the website:

How can I help? To help make a positive impact by funding research into the diseases that affect the people in our local community, you can;

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