Partnering with SA Pathology

29 April 2022

SA Pathology is known for its diagnostic pathology and research within a hospital setting - but not to be overlooked are our collection centres located within medical practices that provide an on-site service, offering patients greater convenience and improved health outcomes.

Ensuring that we stay accessible to all South Australians, SA Pathology has built a strong network of collection centres within medical clinics across the state, enabling SA Pathology to offer the highest quality pathology services to doctors and patients, quickly and conveniently.

SA Pathology recently partnered with the newly expanded Paragon Medical Centre in Modbury, an exciting hub of innovation that offers up to 15 GPs, and other services such as Paediatrics, Psychology, and Physiotherapy.

When speaking with the practice manager, Mr. Syed Fahim, it is clear that SA Pathology has a positive rapport amongst clinicians but also with patients visiting the centre. "Everyone knows SA Pathology in relation to hospitals, but I think since SA Pathology has been here it has changed people's perception - everyone likes SA Pathology’s presence in the centre. They provide a very fast, accurate, reliable service. Help is always available, you can call any time and the problem is resolved."

SA Pathology enables clinicians to instigate and maintain patient treatment plans by providing expert medical advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Medical practices are eager to connect with SA Pathology, just as Mr. Fahim did at the beginning of 2021. "We reached out to SA Pathology, explaining that we had plans to start a clinic – they gave us some good ideas."

Mr. Fahim, who is part of The Australian Practice Managers Association, encourages the practices around him and external patients to also use SA Pathology's service.

“We encourage them, if they want, to refer their patients, and if they would like to do some tests with SA Pathology, why not do them here? Having SA Pathology at the centre gives us an advantage, not only for the doctors but for the patients too."

You can visit the new Paragon Medical Centre at 97-105 Smart Road, Modbury.

To find out more about having SA Pathology in your practice contact our Marketing team.

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