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University Placements at SA Pathology

22 March 2019

For the past 23 years SA Pathology has liaised & partnered with at least 6 different institutions locally, interstate and internationally by offering their students placements within a diagnostic laboratory throughout our 18 sites across South Australia. 

By partnering with universities such as University of South Australia or Otago University in New Zealand undergraduate medical scientist students gain insights into diagnostic laboratory work.  SA Pathology endeavours to give students a holistic view of what happens to the patient samples which includes the preparation and analysis of that sample; the interpretation and reporting of test results to the patient’s doctor. The student experiences the cycle of medical science before their very eyes!

They also experience the day to day operations including how to maintain and Quality Control (QC) the analysers, prepare patient samples and understand the premise behind the Laboratory Information System.  They learn the intricacies around validation and reporting of clinical results to clinicians and in some cases assist scientific staff on small operational projects.

SA Pathology has over 1,700 team members across 37 laboratories State-wide covering a wide variety of disciplines and specialty laboratories, some of which are in their own right Centres of Excellence. These disciplines include Anatomical Pathology consisting of Histology & Cytopathology, Chemical Pathology, Haematology, Immunology, Genetics & Molecular Pathology and Microbiology & Infectious Diseases.  Many of the labs have patient collections and dedicated reception staff. 

Our 11 regional laboratories are very popular with students, with many requesting these locations for their placement.  These laboratories are smaller multi-disciplinary laboratories which allows the students to experience several disciplines in contrast to the placements within the metro labs where they may experience an intensive placement around one or 2 disciplines.

It is central to our values as a South Australian organisation within SA Health to support the community and nurture the dreams of our future scientists & technicians.  For further enquiries please email Health:SAPathology Training