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Work Experience at SA Pathology for Secondary School Students

05 March 2019

SA Pathology has a 30 year history of taking on South Australian Secondary School Students for work experience, with approximately 1100 students to date.  At the beginning of every school year, we are so pleased to be inundated with requests from school coordinators, parents and students to partake in a week within one of our pathology sites. 

SA Pathology endeavours to give students a view into how a diagnostic pathology laboratory operates by observing laboratory processes. From the collection of patient samples through to the preparation and analysis of that sample; to the interpretation and reporting of test results to the patients requesting doctor; students experience the cycle of medical science before their very eyes.

An integral part of the student’s visit at SA Pathology is to experience the various disciplines within a particular site.  They could start the day in a Haematology lab observing sample testing on the automated track and viewing cell images under a microscope and finish the day in a Histopathology laboratory viewing the Pathologist cutting up tissue samples after which scientific & technical staff embed, prepare & stain slides for pathologist review. 

SA Pathology has 37 laboratories State-wide who offer some level of work experience for the Secondary school students.  It is central to our values as a South Australian organisation within SA Health to support the community and nurture the dreams of our future scientists or pathologists.  For further enquiries please email Health:SAPathology Training

We are empowering our clinicians and staff with the right tools so they can make the best decisions for the health and wellbeing of all South Australians.