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Professor Luen Bik To (Bik)

08 7074 2627
Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH)
Practice Responsibilities:Directing the SA Pathology clinical, laboratory and research haematology services on all public hospital campuses
Specialities:Haematological malignancies

Professor To directs the SA Pathology clinical, laboratory and research haematology services on all public hospital campuses, and is a member of the RAH Campus Research Committee.

He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. His research group pioneered the mobilisation of autologous peripheral blood haemopoietic progenitors and over 15 years, laid the scientific and clinical foundations for peripheral blood stem cell mobilisation and transplantation. He was awarded the inaugural SA Great Health Award in 1998 for this contribution.

Professor To introduced the technology of CD34+ haemopoietic progenitor cells selection for transplantation to Australia in 1995, spawning a number of tissue engineering projects. One such project, the  Therapeutic Products Facility, was the first in Australia to achieve TGA accreditation in allogeneic haemopoietic stem cell transplantation in the SA Pathology Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standard Cell Processing Laboratory in 2003, and carried out the first mesenchymal stromal cell infusion for the treatment of steroid resistant graft versus host disease in Australia.

Professor To runs a weekly consultation clinic on the RAH/SA Pathology campus. He consults on a wide spectrum of haematological malignancies and various iron and anaemic disorders.

His other research interests include leukaemia and myeloma biology.  Professor To was the co-founder of the Australian Myeloma Forum and is a current Council Member of the Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand.  He is also the HSANZ de Gruchy Orator 2009