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Pathology Collection Guide


Following a recent health-wide-tender, SA Pathology now uses Becton Dickinson (BD) as the principal supplier of pathology collection consumables.

Please find the BD Introduction pack here.

Please watch the Ultra Touch video here.


The Pathology Collection Guide is the definitive database for clinicians and healthcare professionals to access SA Pathology test information.

Interstate Hospitals and other Approved Pathology Providers who refer pathology tests to SA Pathology will be invoiced directly at a rate of 125% of the MBS fee.  Tests not covered by the MBS will be billed at a rate of 125% of the fee indicated in the SA Pathology Pathology Collection Guide.

This pricing policy applies to all tests except for:

  • Tuberculosis testing;
  • Tests undertaken by the South Australian Maternal Serum Antenatal Screening (SAMSAS) Program
  • Tests undertaken by the National Referral Laboratory for Lysosomal, Peroxisomal and Other Related Disorders; and
  • Second opinions

For further test information or to speak to a consultant pathologist, phone Enquiries on 8222 3000 or free call 1800 188 077 outside the metropolitan area.

Order of Draw

The Order of Draw Quick Guides are handy reference charts for most common tests. 
Doctor's Rooms and Community (PUB-0085)
Hospital and SA Pathology Collection Centres (PUB-0004)
Capillary Collection (PUB-0319)

Infectious Disease Tests – Collection Guide

Urine, Genital, Skin Tests (PUB-0073)
Blood, Respiratory, Enteric (PUB-0064)


Viral Swabs (PUB-0716)

Bacterial Gel Swabs (PUB-0720)

How to collect FNA – video here