Blood matters: a GP’s guide to Haematological care

28 September 2023

SA Pathology in collaboration with Sonder recently hosted a very popular GP educational session, “Blood matters: a GP’s Guide to Haematological Care”.

The night featured Dr Joanna Czerwinski, Consultant Haematologist SALHN & Director of Adelaide Specialist Hubs as the main speaker, supported by Cuong Pham, Principal Scientist Haematology, who presented on Digital Haematology.

The event attracted a strong crowd, with even more attending online, and the discussion made it a very rewarding session for all involved.

As a tertiary referral centre, our pathologists are not only experts in diagnostics, but are often specialist clinicians, teachers, researchers and academics.

If you’re interested in attending an SA Pathology information session or would like us to visit your medical practice, please let us know ➡

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