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Collection material respiratory samples

22 July 2021

With the current COVID-19 outbreak in South Australia we have seen a significant rise in the numbers of samples being tested.

To better support clinicians and avoid supply pressures, we are reminding consumers that we are able to receive an increased range of consumables that can be used for the collection of respiratory samples.

Mauve / Pink Top (Viral Transport Fluid) + swab is preferred for viral testing.
Insert swab into the VTF tube and break the swab shaft at the indicated break point.
Oracle order number: 19047963

Blue Liquid Amies + swab – can be used for COVID-19 and other viral testing.
Oracle order number : 20026106



Please note: Gel Amies swabs are NOT suitable for viral testing.

Consumables such as Dry Swabs can be utilised for the collection of respiratory samples including COVID-19, however this may affect turnaround times. The following swabs are also suitable and may still be in circulation throughout the state. It is important to ensure the swabs are within the expiry date before use.

Red UTM (Universal Transport Medium)
Choice of two swabs, large or small (paediatric). Place single swab in the tube (double swabs can’t be processed).



Yellow VTF (Viral Transport Fluid) + swab
Insert swab into the VTF tube and break the swab shaft at the indicated break point.



Green Viral Transport Medium + swab



White ESwab
Oracle order number: 19047188


Local Health Networks are still required to order all consumables through Oracle.


Dr Tom Dodd
Clinical Service Director