Education is key for Chris and Andy

23 June 2022

Colleagues Chris and Andy have both had a similar career journey, with both completing their bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Medicine while working at SA Pathology.

Senior Technical Officer Chris Mumme has been with SA Pathology for 23 years and has rotated through various areas.

After eight years of study, Chris recently graduated with a degree in Laboratory Medicine.

“I saw there were more opportunities for scientists to go further, and I wanted to try and get involved with that side of things. I wanted to see how far I could go.”

Chris also said he felt supported by work, being able to take leave for exams and with supportive supervisors.

Having a colleague going through the same thing (‘Andy’ Hung Nguyen) also helped them push each other, “if either of us weren’t there, it may not have happened.

Just being able to message each other outside of work was really good and helped us get each other through, and we’ve become good mates.”

Now Chris has graduated, he’s already planning his next steps and considering professional exams and post-grad diplomas.

Andy has just been appointed to Technical Supervisor in GMP’s Service Laboratory after completing a bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Medicine.

Andy started with IMVS after completing a placement through TAFE SA. As a Technical Officer he was encouraged by his then manager to complete the degree.

“She encouraged me to enrol and to further study to become a scientist. Throughout the years work has supported me, just allowing me to have that time off to study, so there was no pressure there, it was really flexible.”

In the past ten years Andy has also been actively involved in training and mentoring new placement students within the same degree.

“It’s really rewarding when they graduate and find jobs within SA Pathology and progress in their own careers.”

SA Pathology supports career progression by providing flexible working arrangements and acknowledging staff excellence.

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Education is key for Chris and Andy

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