Regional Scholarship Now Open

27 January 2023

Sarah Wall is a 2022 recipient of the SA Pathology Regional Scholarship, and it's something she believes “every student should apply for.”

The SA Pathology Regional Scholarship, in partnership with the University of South Australia, is offered to fourth-year Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine students. Available to two students every year, the scholarship offers students the opportunity to be hands-on in multi-disciplinary regional laboratories, with the preference of where they would like to go.

Valued at $2,500 each, the 12-month scholarships are open to students undertaking the Clinical Practice component of the program.

Sarah was made aware of the program at university by previous recipients who came back to speak about their experiences and people she knew personally who had completed the program. This helped her decision to apply for the opportunity.

“I requested to be in Whyalla as I’d been there before for my placement and then worked over the summer. The people are so nice here, so I thought it would be a good fit.”

Sarah also is lucky enough to have distant family in the region, so she said it helped with her comfort levels when initially relocating.

Regardless, she says the key for people considering the scholarship but are nervous about relocating is to, “put yourself out there. You need to go to all the things in town and try and make it home, instead of just getting through the year. You should make the most of it!”

The array of opportunities available in regional laboratories are also something Sarah believes you get to make the most of as a recipient. She’s been able to study Microbiology within the first 3 months of her appointment and has already been offered a technical officer role after her scholarship.

Having completed both regional and metropolitan based placements, Sarah prefers the "variety day to day” within a regional laboratory and the opportunity “to try your hand at everything.

There can be more of a steep learning curve but it's really rewarding… there are opportunities you just don’t get in the city.”

Applications for the next intake of Regional Scholarships close 24 February.

Apply now.

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