Smileyscope – The virtual reality headset

Needles can make anyone nervous, but thanks to our new Smileyscope headsets, patients can now choose from a host of Virtual Reality (VR) and meditation programs to help stay calm.

What is a Smileyscope?

Smileyscope is a virtual reality solution for needle procedures for use by healthcare practitioners. In the form of a VR headset, Smileyscope comes with a range of relaxing experiences incorporating evidence-based music therapy.

The programs simulate alternate world experiences in a variety of languages, distracting patients from the procedure they’re undergoing.

The devices are made with medical grade materials, keeping infection control in mind, and making them easily cleanable between user-experiences.

How does Smileyscope work?

One of our staff members will select an experience that best suits the patient’s needs. Once the headset has been introduced and the patient is in a comfortable position, the headset is placed on the patient’s head and the straps adjusted – glasses do not need to be removed. A chime sounds to confirm the experience has started, and real-world sensations are reframed in the VR world in a supporting and engaging way.

Before asking to use the Smileyscope it is recommended that you and your child watch the preparation video below.

How can I access Smileyscope?

The Smileyscope is available on request at select paediatric collection centres – please ask our staff about the headset on arrival and they will discuss if the device is suitable to your needs.

Smileyscopes are available for both children (4+) and adults.

Smileyscope reviews

SA Pathology patients have given incredible feedback, read why:

“It kept my daughter’s mind off the needle and made her more comfortable”

“Couldn’t recommend the Smileyscope enough!!!! Made taking my child’s bloods so much easier. He wasn’t scared and didn’t expect anything. Wish they had these everywhere to make the process easier!”

“It was a great distraction and a great way to have blood taken without having to be stressed and it was good that they had many options of what you could look at!”

“It was excellent. My daughter didn’t even realise her blood had been taken. She was very nervous prior to the sample but walked out with a huge smile!”

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