Our Commitment to Reconciliation

This artwork by Ngarrindjeri artist Jordan Lovegrove represents SA Pathology's commitment to reconciliation. SA Pathology is symbolised by a central meeting place, surrounded by six other meeting places, each representing the six domains of their Cultural Engagement Framework. The design incorporates a stylised representation of electron orbits, reminiscent of the SA Pathology logo. The patterned background radiates from the central elements, representing the diverse communities and people that SA Pathology serves.

The artwork highlights SA Pathology's role as the statewide pathology provider for the public health sector, known for its high standards of medical testing and research. It demonstrates the institution's dedication to providing a complete diagnostic and clinical service to the South Australian population, 24/7, 365 days a year. The artwork reflects SA Pathology's efforts to ensure cultural safety within all its sites, encouraging Aboriginal people to seek health care as part of their health journey. It emphasises building genuine relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, respecting their cultures, land, and history, and providing opportunities for collaboration and employment within the network's health services.

Overall, the artwork symbolises SA Pathology's commitment to unity, understanding, and improving health outcomes for all while honouring the unique heritage of Australia's First Peoples.