Drug and Alcohol Testing

With increasing awareness about workplace health and safety obligations, more employers are implementing drug tests for their workforces. While staff welfare is a primary concern, it is not only about worker safety – employers are now conscious of potential for litigation, where any preventable incident has the potential to negatively affect a business reputation.

There are a number of products on the market which offer preliminary drug screening via mouth swab or instant urine analysis. However, these ‘at-home’ kits can be affected by legitimate medications, often return false positive or false negative results, and are not enforceable in any legal process.

Urine tests are recognised by the scientific community to be the gold standard in toxicology testing and provide the most reliable results. SA Pathology has extensive experience in this area, offering a statewide screening service detecting controlled substances or illegal drugs.

Our services

SA Pathology performs workplace drug and alcohol testing, with collection services available at accredited collection centres, catering to specific organisational needs, saving both time and money.

We offer a drug screening service which detects the widest possible range of controlled or illegal substances, including all drugs identified in the Australian standard for toxicology. Confirmation tests for any initial positive results are undertaken locally in Adelaide so we can guarantee businesses a timely response and accurate results.

SA Pathology:

  • offers professional toxicology collection services at accredited collection centres, by trained personnel
  • provides tiered services tailored to suit different clinical and business needs
  • has numerous collection points in major regional centres across the state
  • employs a network of reliable staff using local facilities for prompt service

Integrity and Confidentiality

SA Pathology toxicology practice is certified for quality assurance by NATA ensuring specimens are handled and tested under strict conditions in processes which follow mandatory drug testing standards, which means our test results can be depended upon for legal purposes.

Discretion is important and SA Pathology ensures all donor information in our screening regimen remains private and confidential. Our testing is carried out efficiently, ethically and discreetly by experienced personnel, with minimal disruption to normal workflows.

Our toxicology service ensures employees are safe in the workplace, preventing incidents, protecting businesses and offering peace of mind for employers and their staff.

If you would like to talk to us about the drug screening services we offer, please contact SA Pathology Marketing via email: Health.SAPathologyMarketing@sa.gov.au